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Professional Lighting Systems

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It is unbelievable how a venue can be transformed into a whelm of magic and excitement with the correct use of light. We have the knowledge and the experience to change your normal looking room and change it to a spectacular room with our variety of lighting stock.


We would establish what you are looking for and then exceed your expectations using a mixture of lighting fixtures including uplighters, LED cans and bars, moving heads and pin spots.


Lighting up your venue can be something as simple as a few carefully placed static lights to create ambience or to highlight a specific area or something more elaborate like illuminating entire wall spaces with ever changing colours of light to entire controlled lighting rigs for fashion shows or wedding entrances.

Most of our lighting is computer controlled via DMX which means we can determine where the fixture is pointing, what colour output its producing and the amount of output - ie completely dimmable. This is useful when we want to create different ‘scenes’ during an event.


Most of our DJ packages come with an adequate light show as standard but this can be changed after our discussions with you and increased to whatever your desire. Want a laser light show - no problem just ask!