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I have found a DJ that is a lot cheaper than you. Why are you more expensive?

There is not one simple answer to this question. First thing you need to ask is not why we are more expensive but rather why are they cheap? Perhaps that’s the answer?

Good quality sound equipment  is not cheap and continual maintenance is not cheap either. We only use the best equipment in our sound systems and this is evident at your event.

We also carry backup equipment just in case something goes wrong.

We source our music very carefully - we do not you tube rip which is an easy, free way of getting low quality music from the internet but sounds awful!

We do not have 10 pointless helpers at your event when we only need 2 or 3

But I guess when you take all this into account we don’t want to be cheaper DJ’s - we want to be great DJ’s!

If I book you to DJ at my event will it be you who turns up?

We do not and we never have outsourced our DJ service. We know this is common place within the DJ market  because we have covered for many of the big names in the market over the years under their banner. On some occasions it has been just me with my music and on others I have taken my equipment too. I’m sure the bride wasn’t told about this when she booked!? There is a tendency for DJ’s to band together under a brand - you probably know most of the names - but who will turn up on the day is anyone’s guess. It could be someone good but then again it could be someone inexperienced and not very good! When a couple book ME for their special day I would expect them to get ME - wouldn’t you?


I would like some particular songs played at my event - is this a problem?

On the contrary. We actually encourage you to give us a list of songs you would like played as well as some other favourites and examples of the kind of music you would like us to steer towards. This does not mean that we want you to compile a list of songs for the whole event though. We will use what you give us as a guide to work along and we will of course add and change the music as we see fit to keep the party going!

How many of you will there be on the day?

Well this depends on the extent of the equipment that we need to bring for the event but on average there is usually 2-3 of us. We do not see the necessity of bringing more people than we need and it also doesn’t look professional. We will also not help ourselves to your food or drink. Anything you wish to provide us with will be graciously accepted.


What happens if some of your equipment breaks or stops working?

We have touched on this earlier and is one of the reasons we are not always the cheapest DJ’s around. We always carry backup equipment with us to every event for this very reason. We have planned for this possibility and if it happens we will be able to switch over with minimum fuss and get things back to normal almost immediately.

My event is not in the UK. Can you cover it?

Quite simply - yes. We have DJ’d all over the World and we look forward to DJing some more Internationally. If your event is in western Europe then it is possible for us to bring our own equipment. If your event is further afield or it is not possible or feasible for us to bring our equipment then we will source a local supplier and factor this cost into your quote. If your event is club based and the equipment is already there then we are ready to come to your country and show you some of the Fantasia magic!


Do you pre-mix/pre-record your DJ sets?

No. We use our music on cd’s or, more so now, on our computer to select and mix everything live at your event. On our computer based system we carry thousands of tracks covering all kinds of genres of music and we have access to thousands more and we bring what you have suggested as well as lots of other music to the event and “read” the crowd as we go along. We can plan and assume as much as possible prior to an event but its not until the event itself when we will actually know what is working and what is not.

OK so I like what I hear, what happens now?

Well the first thing to do is to get in touch with us asap by giving us a call or sending us a mail and checking whether the date is available or not. Remember we don’t outsource so once our teams are booked we cannot accept anymore bookings.

If you are lucky and the date is available we will discuss your event with you to make sure you are getting the right package and work out a cost for the event. We will then send you a booking form for you to fill in the information that we need to work with and then discuss deposit/payments.

Once we have the form and a deposit back we will confirm your event booked. Where possible we will arrange a meeting where you will get the opportunity to meet your DJ and also to discuss your event in more details and to iron out any queries.

We will of course be in communication with you via email and telephone right up to your event if you get any questions that come up - its your event and we want you to enjoy it and anything we can do to achieve this we will do.


Here are some answers to questions we get asked a lot of the time. It may help cover some information you were after - otherwise contact us and let us help you.

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